Kathie is 77 years old. She always wanted to compose and arrange so she asked to begin lessons with Music Unveiled. She’d had decades of traditional piano, playing only written music. After a short time with us, she is now creating beautiful compositions and arrangements!

We asked her if she was willing to share some of her work. She was thrilled to share some of what has brought so much meaning into her life. Here’s one of her arrangements.  Download now and enjoy what she is creating!   

Enjoy these complimentary lead sheets which include: Infant Holy, Infant Lowly; Jolly Old Saint Nicholas; O Come, Little Children; and The Holly and the Ivy.

Play Christmas carols in any key using Solfege and Roman Numerals! This is a great ear training and transposing exercise. Students learn how scales turn into songs. Have fun and Merry Christmas!

Practice Challenge to go 100 days in a row without missing more than one day! Rules and chart included with the download.

Hand out from one of Shane’s lectures. Learning to see scales and chords in music to improve sight reading skills.

Fun practice chart to use with students. Put a sticker on a square each day your child practices and then reward them with a treat when they finish the chart!