Musicianship, Book 1A (PDF Download)

Now releasing our first edition of Musicianship, Book 1A! This book continues teaching basic note reading after students have completed The Musical Neighborhood, Preliminary book. Students read music in the keys of C, G, D, A, E, and F major. They learn the purpose of scales as they immediately see them in music. They no longer see written music as abstract or miss the sharps/flats, because they think in the key – just as the composer did! Stutters and frustration diminish as students gain confidence in reading music in our Musicianship series.

Music Unveiled is passionate about giving students a deep understanding of music. Our Keyboard Foundations books teach scales and chords as the building blocks to create music as a composer, improviser and arranger. Our Musicianship books make the connection to the staff!

This price is for ONE download. Please do not print more copies without purchasing them. Thank you!