Music Unveiled Mission

Creating the Complete Musician

Why a whole new method?

How would you explain to the man of the early nineteenth century what discovery was about to hit the world, forever changing the quality of life that people enjoyed.  Edison’s discovery of the lightbulb, the ability to channel electricity to power a man made mechanism, this led to incredible discoveries such as  

Shocked at his own inabilities after obtaining a piano performance degree, Shane set out on a quest to become a true musician. A musician who can improvise, compose, play by ear, and learn music quickly (not just one song for many months!)

Thrilled by his discoveries, Shane began sharing with private students. Their progress and abilities were remarkable, and his studio was bursting. 

Driven by a passion to share truth beyond his own studio, Shane began his books.

At first, Shane began the Keyboard Foundations series, giving a solid understanding of scales and chords in order to improvise and compose. This series was designed to go with any traditional note reading method. But frustrated at student’s slow reading abilities and abstract understanding of the staff, Shane began testing new ways. The results were stunning. We are thrilled to share this in our new series coming soon – Musicianship.

Keyboard Foundations and Musicianship work together as a complete step-by-step method providing a deep understanding of music, enabling students to become true and complete musicians.