What are the benefits of group lessons?

Preparation: Students are motivated by the accountability, feedback and momentum of their peers. 

Theory: A well planned curriculum is created to make sure every student receives a solid foundation in understanding the mind of a musician and gaining the skills to become one. 

Ear Training: These exercises are highly beneficial in group settings. Students listen to different rhythm and pitches, identify the solfege and also notate them on the staff. 

Time: A group lesson is longer than a private lesson and the instructor can cover concepts thoroughly. 

Performing: Class sizes are small, allowing all the students time to share the personal projects that they’ve been working on. Students need frequent opportunities to perform for others. This reduces fear, and teaches them to serve, bless and uplift others with their talents. 

Observation: Students are able to observe other students on their level receiving instruction. They see many areas where they can apply these concepts to their own pieces and observe different student’s strengths. This is especially true regarding composition, as every person has an incredibly unique style, sound and heart that flows through the music that they write. Most learning is done by following a good example and not by verbal instruction. 


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