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I grew up hearing my mother play famous piano classics by the greats such as Chopin, Liszt, Beethoven, Brahms and Tchaikovsky. Her influence instilled a strong love of great music within me. She also taught me basic reading skills as a child. And this began my lifelong journey into the world of music.

Growing up I took traditional piano lessons. I practiced my assigned classical pieces for a couple hours every day. My course of study left me wanting more. I wanted to be one of those guys that could play anything! I wanted to be able to improvise and compose, not just play massive memorized pieces. After completing my college degree in piano performance, I felt no closer to my desired goals.

After graduation, I began teaching as a career. I saw things in the traditional approach that didn’t seem to yield good results. I prayed about this and asked God, “How should it be?”

 I began studying everything I could find on composing. As I experimented with it, I was amazed at the fun things I could play! I started showing my students and they absolutely loved it. Soon my studio had over 70 students and I didn’t have time to teach everyone that wanted what I had to give and I could see the need to develop a teaching method that would give students a step by step approach to learning composing  using their chords and scales. What thrilled me even more was when students could learn a difficult classical piece in half the amount of time because they were reading chords within the music instead of one note at a time. Students of music unveiled learn to think like the composer was thinking when they wrote the piece. I am so excited to share with you the amazing truths that God has shown me! 

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